[lat.: commoneo- to put in mind, sich an etwas erinnern, zu Gemüte führen.]

4. Oktober 2016

Sasha - the next generation.

Yesterday Amelie decided to crash at my granddaughters place ...

 ... finally ready to sleep.

Big thanks for these lovely pics; Lotte!

2. April 2016

Just an update

Thanks to all friendly people, who asked me where I am...
I'm fine  - and there's so much to do. No time for dolls. But I miss YOU all the time!

May I indroduce my 7th grandchild?
  ... CARLOTTA CHRISTIN, born healthy on March the 7th.

And here she meets the well known Remus at his christening day:

Hope you are as well as I am, but not that busy!
And hope to see you again soon!

14. Februar 2016

♥ Happy Valentine, my friends! ♥

Man sollte alle Tage wenigstens ein kleines Lied hören, 
ein gutes Gedicht lesen, 
ein treffliches Gemälde sehen 
und, wenn es möglich zu machen wäre, 
ein vernünftiges Wort sprechen.
-JW v. Goethe

One should at least all day  hear a small ayre, 
read a good poem,
watch a splendid painting
and if possible;
speak a word of sense.
-Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe 

It's raining cats and dogs in today almost dark and grey germany.

On the other side: 

the living room here at Commoneos is full of girls and lightened bright in flashing valentine-pink.

You know pink is able to harm innocent boys!

So I stick to Goethe. 

Sitting here with a good book, some lovely aquarelle and am talking to you.
 If you just sing a ditty for me, it would feel like nirvana...

Happy Valentine!

28. Januar 2016

Why Rose rant and rave at Cumberland

NO! This is not happening!

"You can't be serious! Come OFF!"
"Yesterday you can't move, but today you're an artist? GET DOWN"
" ...but this is so much fun..."

More of "What Rose ..."

25. Januar 2016

Fixed again.

"Be brave. Mrs.Digne will do it."
"Done! I'm standing. Again. Don't loose your heart!"
"HA!"  - "Haha!"
"Last photo?" - "Now -lets leave that stitchy place"