[lat.: commoneo- to put in mind, sich an etwas erinnern, zu Gemüte führen.]

18. Januar 2017

Unbelievable !!!

Here we are:  me and the good cup of...
  <<<<< SCHWUPPPPSSSS <<<<<<<<

OOps!  - Lummy!

Earth is flat , Pigs can fly 

and Nuclear Power is safe! - Whoa!

NO! I didn't see anything. Nothing, not at all!  .... Is it gone?
Yes  ...oh dear!
The mug. Gone flying as well
Did you... did YOU SEE THIS too? - Sure. - Looks very much like TimeTravel on a flying pig. - So I'm NOT nuts!! But TT is and I'm off now,  finding him and do some frank talk!
Leaving us alone doing the hard work! - AGAIN!
"Earth is flat, Pigs can fly and nuclear power is save."  Proverb. Was in wide use in the 80th. - Do we have to believe now in the safeness of Nuclearpower ? -  Query: What Would Mrs.Digne Say? - Aye!

17. Januar 2017

Unbelievable !!

 HeLLO Miss Crazie! Where's your father today?
Hey ho Gregor! What happend to you?
There was ... I don't know, but... -
Paola! Give me a hand. Don't you think this will look marvellous here?!
Wait;  - our Gregor looks as he'd seen a ghost or something.   
Impossible, unbelievable. First Justian goes bananas, now me...
See, what I'm talking about? -  Really! OK! Maybe  a good cuppa will help here.
Just relax, Greg. Indra's been back in a minute!

15. Januar 2017


...ah, finally alone...

>>>>> Schwwwuppssss >>>


 Whoa there!

* ... bump ...*



 *... shudder ...* 

... could this be ...

  WHOA ... and HAW!

Did you SEE THIS as well?

14. Januar 2017

What we're doing at eight o'clock in the morning?

Well; I know this is a bit uncommon. But they're falling asleep -so sweet- while reading...

13. Januar 2017

What we're doing at eight o'clock in the evening?

We actually just sitting here, watching the fire, enjoying life - and if you shut the door -please - I will read about the 'Little Prince' to them.