23. Mai 2011

Marias new dress!

 Goetz 2.Edition Maria.
 Wonderful new dress by Karen 
  @  Karensyarn/ Etsy!

Yes, just wait a minute- 
I'll tie a bow. 
On sorry, you're a german girl :)

"Warte mal kurz, 
ich mach dir ja noch ne Schleife!"

Goetz Maria,
with the Sasha logo on her neck,
but not at her back.
"...for a period of a few month in the middle of 1995, the dolls were marketed without their torso logos..." S.Lewis

The e y e painting (Style 2
"...the pupil is a large round dot...)
with l a s h e s  (in 1996 Boys and girls had both no eyelashes anymore)
dates her also at 1995,
the first year of the 2.Edition GoetzSashas

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  1. Maria is lovely and she is wearing a fabulous dress. I really must try smocking at some stage, it looks so nice.