22. Juni 2011

'Friends of Sasha' - the newsletter

'Friends of Sasha' was a newsletter for Sashaphile from 1989 to 2005,
edited by the well known  
Dorisanne Osborn
("Sasha Dolls Through The Years")
(You can still order 1996-2005;
ask Dorisanne: crosnest(at)rochester.rr.com)

Many informations and patterns - interesting and fun to read.
The copyshoppeople bind  a book of  the lose papers.
Looks fine
 and is easier to handle now.

I' m now searching for more issues.
I got 1996 -2005 and some of the earlier ones.
(3/89, 2/92, 3/92, 2/93, 4/95 )

If anybody wants to sell the missing newsletters, 
please let me know!

(Hawkeye -our dog- don't want me to read, but play with him ...)

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