7. Juni 2011

Goetz 1960th waif - Gemma

 I am a waif; well loved, 
but no hair- always had to wear a wig, lips are gone, scratches allover, imaginative stringing...

Guess what? 
Why I'm  pulling  the hood that tight?
(Hoodie snaffled from my brother...)

I got hair !!
And I feel drop-dead beautiful now ...

Full reroot by Bettina Kaminski  ♥ Thanks Bettina ♥!                           

Do  you want to know more?
 The nice and cosy Hoodie was made by Dollydoodles. (I want to have my OWN!)

And last but not least: 
the very colourful wonderful Poppythingy-Quilt  in the background


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