14. Juni 2011

Vol 1 ) Dating -please help :)

Waifs loves me :)
It must be true, because they gather here...

This little mucky pup
don't has his original stringing anymore.

Is it correct dating him 
about 1973/74
(the puddle-eye-time)?

So in fact he has to have the hook/bar head-assembly
(used >mid 1974)
But he hasn't !

There's an imaginative stringing
- as Bettina would say;)
One legstring runs directly through the ring
and the other is installed there with a hook.

He has molded inserts for the limb-hooks.( < mid 1976)

Is this an original cylinder for the 
ring head assembly ?
I only know them in white.

The armstrings are fastened with a big rivet - shows here in the armhole.

 Anyone who knows where to get hooks and bars?


  1. I believe from what I have read that the blue ring neck assembly dates Sasha to June - December 1974 That is indeed what my Sasha has.

  2. Thanks a lot!

    Where did you read this?
    It's not in Susanna Lewis Charts.

  3. Sent:
    Mon, Apr 29, 2013 5:05 am
    Question about dating Sasha

    " The very first dolls with ring head assembly have either blue or white plastic neck rings.

    The changeover to ring assembly is dated by Brenda as June 1974.

    The colored neck rings lasted approximately six months or so,
    then changed to the translucent color to the end of the production.
    Susanna Lewis"