23. Juli 2011

How to wrap a Sari ...

It's easy. 
 I've learned it from an indian women.
Without using a slip...

Me  and the BuffBeauty-Rose,
aren't we pretty?!

17. Juli 2011

Amalaswintha at Sooc-Sunday

So this is about my (third) daughter Amalaswintha, who's just visiting us for her vacances.
Usually she lives in Speyer, working at a hospital while having a
three-year training to be a midwife. It's her first year.

She was knitting all the time yesterday,
listening to audio dramas
('Harry Potter', - great in german :)
Finally the tiny bonnet was ready and we try it on Felice, a 'newborn doll'
- it turns out very nice!
(Today the matching shoes were made - Harry Potter lasts for more ^^)

 Amalaswintha always tells us stories from her work and I'm really aghast about  the hospitals today. Giving birth means welcoming a new child on earth - but no1 seems to remember that!

So much  angst, violence, the hospitalstaff and the pregnant women are not working together, the physician only thinking about avoiding expensive faults.
The midwives -who knows much more about giving birth- has to fight the doctors, who would love to be the ultimate authority there...
it's so outrageous - and sad!

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8. Juli 2011

Little Orphant Annie ... by Kelly Wenarsky

Annie kam zu mir über Shelly - eine liebe kleine Sasha,
repainted von der von mir sehr geschätzten Kelly Wenarsky.

Kelly bemüht sich sehr um einen eigenen Stil und versucht sich dabei treu an Sasha Morgenthalers Vorstellungen zu halten.

Annie brachte ihren Ausweis mit -ist aber noch nicht unterm Fuß markiert. Sie wurde hier freudig empfangen und erst später habe ich erstaunt festgestellt, dass sie ein öffentliches Vorleben hatte... beim anspruchsvollen Deercott-Studio 'Couture für Sasha'
(..die aber leider ihre Seite nicht mehr pflegen)

Annie as a Model
at Deercott-Studios.

5. Juli 2011

Pink Mold; my never ending story...

 Elise and Max in pieces.
In the sun, threated with Clearasil-
to heal their diseases.

The pink mold on Elises cheeks  is finally fading, but still there.

Poor Max:
I want to restrung him and then notices the stains on  his throat and
- just in opposite - on his body...

 On 1 o'clock, hard to find...