17. Juli 2011

Amalaswintha at Sooc-Sunday

So this is about my (third) daughter Amalaswintha, who's just visiting us for her vacances.
Usually she lives in Speyer, working at a hospital while having a
three-year training to be a midwife. It's her first year.

She was knitting all the time yesterday,
listening to audio dramas
('Harry Potter', - great in german :)
Finally the tiny bonnet was ready and we try it on Felice, a 'newborn doll'
- it turns out very nice!
(Today the matching shoes were made - Harry Potter lasts for more ^^)

 Amalaswintha always tells us stories from her work and I'm really aghast about  the hospitals today. Giving birth means welcoming a new child on earth - but no1 seems to remember that!

So much  angst, violence, the hospitalstaff and the pregnant women are not working together, the physician only thinking about avoiding expensive faults.
The midwives -who knows much more about giving birth- has to fight the doctors, who would love to be the ultimate authority there...
it's so outrageous - and sad!

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  1. What an interesting photo. Your daughter is beautiful, good luck to her with her studies.

  2. I thought the baby was real at first!