5. Juli 2011

Pink Mold; my never ending story...

 Elise and Max in pieces.
In the sun, threated with Clearasil-
to heal their diseases.

The pink mold on Elises cheeks  is finally fading, but still there.

Poor Max:
I want to restrung him and then notices the stains on  his throat and
- just in opposite - on his body...

 On 1 o'clock, hard to find...


  1. Good luck, I hope the marks are removed so they can be reunited with their heads and bodies!

  2. Elise is sold now - and has a new life. Rerooted with nearly black hair. Just found her on ebay.

    Sicher erkannt hab ich sie an dem chicen Boneka-Einteiler, in dem ich sie nach England verkaufte.