27. Februar 2013


The puddle-eyed head from a pumpkin-stringed doll. 1973/74
I was sick for weeks now (REALLY bad cold and our society is still in trouble)
and  got time to see
how my Sashas doing...


 Since Elises (1970) long suffering from pink mold on her face -and after years of vainly Clearasil treatment,
I thought I have to change her head.
I bought one>>
But then she convalesce!

 So I got a new problem: there was still the lonely head!

Ok, I now was searching for a matching body^^

Last week I
The poor greened-eyed '75 between 69ers
 finally found one.
Mid 70th doll. Bad hair,
greened eyes.
I was pretty sure NOT to fall in love with such a doll, -but to get her body to cure the poor lonely head.

You all know what happend...
1) the doll is to small. She's in fact smaller than all my other dolls,
even the 69ers.
2): she's too dark! Never seen a mid 70th with that dark vinyl.
3)  She's a social case,
a waif with greened eyes,
 - but surprisingly beautiful. I'm kind of impressed.

Now I got some more problems.
I've to help my Greeny to new hair, less caving
and perhaps new color to her brows.

And am still in need for a mid 70th body...