25. September 2013

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Meet Cara Constantia - my 4th grandshild - born yesterday morning

12. September 2013

' The english day ' #finale

"Why me? It's  y o u r  quest!... - OK, - can't see you cry... hehe"
"OOpsi!" -  " Never mind, same here; look at my strap... "
"You made mistakes, Aleta - and the adress must be 'Sasha-Village',  not Dee allone.
She's  Mrs.Mum, not a queen.  In Great Britain, they have the first democracy ever!"-                                                                "Ok,  -  but there ARE a queen-mum; I know this for sure..."
"Still some mistakes ... O_o"
Juhuuuh! The Commoneo-Crew, 60th dept. ... - "Stop it, I'm in the shade! This is a no-go."
Hello out there: Juhuuuh again!  
    "I'm afraid, it has to be 'Johoooh' for the native englishreaders." - " "Ouch Justian, you got spiky knees!" -                                         "ALETA; I want my dress back and the cloche is also not yours !!! -                                                                                                                         "... Do you  r e a l l y think, they see us and we'll get an answer?" - 
 "Und können wir jetzt bitte endlich wieder deutsch sprechen 
- die lachen sich doch tot; die Briten und die Amys!"

11. September 2013

' The english day' #3

"We have to think about. Highly focused."

"But before that, ... some more pics! - How old and sweet, this is Diggory Bear!"

"And look, there are now on a mission, driving north!  .... They better heading south, so we can meet them *lol*" - "Silly-Billy! We don't got any NP here. Reuben would be bitterly frustrated!

" Oh please show us the stormy-szene again - for the last time.                                                                                                   Then we do the Thinktank-Thing!"

"No no - better switch to 'dolls and prams' ... Marcella and Arabella;  s'il vous plait.  I love the charming girls at the village!"

"You're just in time, Aleta. We got a problem. Mum don't want us to get bears. Do you got any idea how to change her mind?"  - " Bears? Why do we need bears here? I want to have PRAMS, we don't have ANY!"

"GIRLS! *sigh*" - "First the bears, THEN the pram! Hear: we can write a message to the Villagers asking friendly for permission! Mum can say nothing, if we got one. And YOU are the best writer ...

10. September 2013

' The english day ' #2

Did you see Mossy  in the the szene at the fireplace?

 © Mossy and Edward at http://sashavillage.blogspot.de/
"HUh - my fav ... thrilling. Mossy's clairvoyant, isn't he?" 
"And Edward is the chief. He always looks after the Village-Bears and care for everyone. Want to see more?  Where's the pic with all of them together on the bench?"
 "Oh - I wish, we here at Commoneos also have bears!" "Sophisticated Bears! Seers! Personalities!"  "With a good sense of humour!" "This would be sooo great!"  
"NO! NEIN, Jungs.  IHR KÖNNT DEN VILLAGERS NICHT EINFACH ALLES NACHMACHEN - DAS IST STIL~LOS!  AUSSERDEM HABEN DEUTSCHE BÄREN  natürlich KEINERLEI HUMOR^^"  -  "Talk english, MUM - we don't understand! *giggle*   German bears don't got any sense of humour; -really?"  -  "THEY ARE JUST LIKE GERMAN HUMANS.  STRONG; STRAIGHT, but without any humour and they just love to be lied to by their politicians ..."  -  "But we never wanted to copy SashaVillage; Mum.  This is IMPOSSIBLE anyway. We only want to h a v e  our own  b e a r s! "By the way... ahem, do bears have politicians??"

"What can we do to change Mums mind?"

...to be continued.

9. September 2013

Another 'english day'

"Mowgli - was machen wir jetzt, hast du ne Idee? Mum hat schlechte Laune, zuviele Möhren geerntet und jetzt muss sie die einkochen" 

"... and WHY want us Mum to talk english one day a week??"   "Crystalclear - we're british Morgenthalers, mmh? She want us to stay bilingual. Just a bit:) "

Ok - Lets talk to Justian - just for planning.

"Justian, you're wearing PINK! You're a boy, aren't you? *giggle*

Yes - and I'm looking great in pink - the color suits me and I don't mind anyones rules for dressing! ... Guess what we doing! We're surfing internet. ENGLiSH blogs!This should be ok with Mum!

But wichsoever? Do we know any english blog ?

Sashadollstyle is down ... but don't you remember Sasha-Village? Come on!

Oh NO, ...  little girls with prams! This is nothing for us.
But there are these bears!!  I love the stories about them! I love especially Edgar Panda. Wait  -  I'll show you!

... to be continued.