11. September 2013

' The english day' #3

"We have to think about. Highly focused."

"But before that, ... some more pics! - How old and sweet, this is Diggory Bear!"

"And look, there are now on a mission, driving north!  .... They better heading south, so we can meet them *lol*" - "Silly-Billy! We don't got any NP here. Reuben would be bitterly frustrated!

" Oh please show us the stormy-szene again - for the last time.                                                                                                   Then we do the Thinktank-Thing!"

"No no - better switch to 'dolls and prams' ... Marcella and Arabella;  s'il vous plait.  I love the charming girls at the village!"

"You're just in time, Aleta. We got a problem. Mum don't want us to get bears. Do you got any idea how to change her mind?"  - " Bears? Why do we need bears here? I want to have PRAMS, we don't have ANY!"

"GIRLS! *sigh*" - "First the bears, THEN the pram! Hear: we can write a message to the Villagers asking friendly for permission! Mum can say nothing, if we got one. And YOU are the best writer ...

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