12. September 2013

' The english day ' #finale

"Why me? It's  y o u r  quest!... - OK, - can't see you cry... hehe"
"OOpsi!" -  " Never mind, same here; look at my strap... "
"You made mistakes, Aleta - and the adress must be 'Sasha-Village',  not Dee allone.
She's  Mrs.Mum, not a queen.  In Great Britain, they have the first democracy ever!"-                                                                "Ok,  -  but there ARE a queen-mum; I know this for sure..."
"Still some mistakes ... O_o"
Juhuuuh! The Commoneo-Crew, 60th dept. ... - "Stop it, I'm in the shade! This is a no-go."
Hello out there: Juhuuuh again!  
    "I'm afraid, it has to be 'Johoooh' for the native englishreaders." - " "Ouch Justian, you got spiky knees!" -                                         "ALETA; I want my dress back and the cloche is also not yours !!! -                                                                                                                         "... Do you  r e a l l y think, they see us and we'll get an answer?" - 
 "Und können wir jetzt bitte endlich wieder deutsch sprechen 
- die lachen sich doch tot; die Briten und die Amys!"


  1. I am loving this story of the boys wanting bears, I will try and put on a reply on my blog over the weekend :)

  2. I'll tell them and I know they'll be happy.
    But have a rest, there's so much going on there at the village :)