10. September 2013

' The english day ' #2

Did you see Mossy  in the the szene at the fireplace?

 © Mossy and Edward at http://sashavillage.blogspot.de/
"HUh - my fav ... thrilling. Mossy's clairvoyant, isn't he?" 
"And Edward is the chief. He always looks after the Village-Bears and care for everyone. Want to see more?  Where's the pic with all of them together on the bench?"
 "Oh - I wish, we here at Commoneos also have bears!" "Sophisticated Bears! Seers! Personalities!"  "With a good sense of humour!" "This would be sooo great!"  
"NO! NEIN, Jungs.  IHR KÖNNT DEN VILLAGERS NICHT EINFACH ALLES NACHMACHEN - DAS IST STIL~LOS!  AUSSERDEM HABEN DEUTSCHE BÄREN  natürlich KEINERLEI HUMOR^^"  -  "Talk english, MUM - we don't understand! *giggle*   German bears don't got any sense of humour; -really?"  -  "THEY ARE JUST LIKE GERMAN HUMANS.  STRONG; STRAIGHT, but without any humour and they just love to be lied to by their politicians ..."  -  "But we never wanted to copy SashaVillage; Mum.  This is IMPOSSIBLE anyway. We only want to h a v e  our own  b e a r s! "By the way... ahem, do bears have politicians??"

"What can we do to change Mums mind?"

...to be continued.

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