4. Oktober 2013

'Autumn Pinafore Swap' at S&Ks

 Dear Anna,
it's time for you to choose your Swappy Pinafore!
They are far from being perfect, but I hope you'll find them likable...

The beginning: Hermine is watching.
Olivia has to be very patient.
Margareth and Mia are modelling the two versions.
Headscarf, Pinafore and a simple Skirt - the white Shirt is made by 'TheDollWorks'
A -  like Autumn, Anna and Anne :)

The open sides are closed by a ribbon. One strap closes in the back by  snap, the other is sewed on. The upper part is lined, all seams are of course neated (?)- (...but in the end I decided not to fold them)


  1. Lovely Pinefore's your swap partner will be very happy ! :)

  2. They are gorgeous Anne, so hard to choose. However as you know my girls and I have chosen. See my blog at http://dollmum.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/autumn-pinafore-swap-choice.html for your choice from me.

  3. These are lovely, I will add them to my blog and links as well so they aren't missed by anyone. What a lot of fun you both had!