11. Oktober 2013

The Pinafore Swap #2

"Mum,  look, we're poor. We don't have anything to wear!" - "YOU GOT THAT VERY NICE TOWEL." - MUM! But we heard there was a parcel today, was it for us?" -  "YES; ANNAS PINAFORE HAS JUST ARRIVED!"

 "Hurry - we should be prepaired! White shirts - who is the first ..."

 "I was!"- "No- it was me" - "Forget it - ..."

"Oh, this is meant for one girl!" - "For ME, no dought" -
"No; obviously we have to share this. No problem.  I'll show you.
--- Mum, shut your eyes!"

 "Hej Mum, SHUT your eyes!"

 " Tadaaa!" 
 "Look Mum and Anna, we made THREE outfits from ONE swapafore!"
Mia, Margareth and Olivia shouting
   "THANKS so much!!!"

"Olivia, you got the bracelet and all the other jewellery."
"But guess what ..."
"It's ok with me -  I have bloomy buttons instead"

The Pinafore Swap by Lorraine @ S&Ks - and Annas Pinafore @ Dollmums blog


  1. What a lovely pinefore to get from Anna and it looks lovely on your girls , who are so clever to share it between all three of them.
    and a great story to announce the swapfore's arrival :)

  2. oh wow, how brilliant Anne that all three of your girls shared the pinafore set - what a great idea! As you know we're thrilled with your pinafore and additional goodies which arrived yesterday. I will take photos this weekend and put them on my blog.

  3. What a great post Anne, I didn't realise your swap had arrived. I have since updated my blog accordingly and done a blog post linking to yours and Anna's.

  4. Thanks to you all.
    Nice of you Serenata, sorry for not telling you!
    Hope to see the other swaps at your site!

  5. Awww this is lovely, I'm so glad that the girls were able to share the outfit from Anna, it looks so nice shared out amongst them too!
    I've only just discovered your blog and am having trouble adding it to my 'follow' list, but hopefully I'll be able to find you again to comment on your lovely Sashas!
    Hugs, Sharon in Spain xx