14. November 2013

Davids day on 'Vogelweide' #2

There's more I have to tell you of my Vogelweide-Day. - Mum stopped using that flash and it was really 'gemuetlich'
Yes, I also want some honey for my tea.
... stirring ...
I daydreamed a little. Then Mum asked me, what I want to do.
Reading, of course! Got my book here.
What I'm reading?  It's Beatrix Potter!
Love all the stories and her pics!
I read a little for Mum.
Some times later I was tired and hopped into bed. Goodnight everybody ...


  1. A beautiful story and photo's, love his little mug and him day dreaming and then reading by the light to his mum and then snuggling up in bed.

  2. A very gentle story, David looks like a quiet, friendly lad and he has the best taste in story books. I'm lucky enough to have visited Beatrix Potter's cottage in the English Lake District.

  3. Hej DollMum and Dee,
    glad you like it.
    I see, I've to travel to your country for visiting these places
    -and the famous gardens, I only read about so far :)

    We read to our children many classic english books like Mary Poppins, Winnie Poo, The Wind in the Willows, Peter Pan etc.
    We liked also Edith Nesbith, Joan Aiken..

  4. A lovely Idea to visit England and the places you like.

    A lovely list of very good books and authors :)