3. November 2013

Davids day on 'Vogelweide'

I'm  David Commoneo - and I just want to tell you something about my day on 'Vogelweide'; Mums land. Some weeks ago, as the leaves are still on the trees, I be allowed to accompany Mum. We went by bus and arrived there in the evening.

Here I am - standing in front of the circus trailer.
We wanted to stay overnight here.
Do you see our new small shed? And on the very left, there's the outhouse.
Yes, Mum - I now put off the wellies. But not the socks? OK!
... and the sweater ...
pff - this isn't quite easy.
We got pyjamas for each of us.
Now we need something for supper. But here on the land, we don't have any electricity and no gas. We have to cook and heat and light our room with REAL FIRE! Do you know how to start a fire?  - First put some paper in the stove...
Open the aeration- the german word for this is Lueftungsklappe ...
...I'm sure carefully, Mum!  -Now add some firewood.
Then light a small piece of wood. You can add a little piece of honeycomb too, if you have.
Put it into the oven.  Fast! - If the fire starts burning, you should shut the trap a little.
It becomes warm here. Very warm. In fact HOT!

Now the Kettles. (Mum don't worry; you see - it's not that hot, because I'm standing on this thingy to put  irons on -in the past.)

And THIS is our hottie to warm up the bed -and keep the feet warm ... but - oh oh - my feet are actually very warm now.

Prior, we digged some horsereddish. We have much of this in the garden. Too much, says Mum.

Naturally we had to wash it. As we got no running water and no tap, we have a very old  'Droeppelminna' here. We can put water in it. And there's a nice spigot to let it out, if we need it.

Then we had to chop the reddish - and some flowers and herbs for the tea and the bread.

done :)

Put the herbs into a cottonbag...
...and brew it with our hot water.

Then toasting bread in an iron pan.

Oh look!  The're two yolks in one egg. Twins!

Ah! Smells mouth-watering. I'm pretty hungry. (Mum, please don't use the flash, it hurts my eyes.)


  1. Hello David
    What an adventure you had with Mum on her land in the country and lucky you to be sleeping in the Circus trailer.
    You were very good with helping to light the stove and wash and cook the dinner.
    the others will be very jealous! maybe we should not tell them?
    Sasha hugs
    Dee and the sasha Village Clan

  2. Great photo's and story and I love your little kettle the perfect size

  3. Sending some Sasha-Hugs to all of the lovely VillageClan'ers!

    Hoping nobody would be jealous - there's a chance for everybody for joining the work :)

  4. David, you are lucky to have such fun helping in the circus wagon doing the cooking the old fashioned way. What a brilliant little kettle you have.