26. November 2013

DiY - the Commoneos fireplace

Moni  is building a fireplace for the Commoneo-Crew. We want to help her! We're developing a model!
"Mmh! The chimney draws badly ..."
"I see.  No fire, but cutlery. *giggle*"
"Still no fire at all." -  "Stop joking Justian. It's only paper, but looks surprisingly chistmasy."
"Would this be wide enough?"
"Lion! There are no doggy threats; I promise!"
"And NOW ...
... cosying up in front of our new 'Nofire-Place'!"


  1. Love the 'no fire-place' post!!

  2. Love seeing YOU here at our place :)

  3. I love the nofire place! :)

    and the boys cosying up in front of it!

  4. So happy you like it.

    But it seems bit to tiny in scale.
    Moni has to make it bigger.

  5. I think this looks really effective, and at least gives the children somewhere to hang their stockings!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx