20. November 2013

Davids day on 'Vogelweide' #3

Good Morning! Do you know how to make coffee and is it really correct saying 'whirlybird' to the grinding maschine?
However; here I am grinding some coffee for breakfast. Well, I'm the motor.
What to do now? Fill the coffeegrounds into the pot.     
Then pour boiling water on it.
After stirring you have to wait for some minuits. We dressed the coffee pot nicely for staying hot. (Its name is 'Eva Solo', I think its a girlpot.)
Ready. That's all! We had porridge for breakfast. Kind of -don't forget- we're in germany.
I asked Mum, if english folks really love sausages and beans at this time of day? She told me  she heard this.
Mum was still sitting and thinking and drinking her coffee and playing a little Halma with me.
At least Mum washed up and I have to dry up the dishes.  --- And as I looked out of the windows, I saw this man walking through our garden...


  1. I love this little boy, he is so helpful and friendly.
    and he tells a good story of what is happening in his home.

    I to had porridge for breakfast, I do not know of anyone who eats sausages and beans for breakfast!! except maybe Builders!!! :)
    I wonder who is coming up the path....

  2. Ah interesting. At one Cafe here you can have 'english breakfast'.
    But without porridge.

    Porridge is made with oatflakes and water? And some milk after cooking?

  3. Your blog is so nice Anne, I wish I could get it to show up on my 'readers list'...then I'd not miss anything!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx