8. November 2013

✿ Morning routine ...

" ... Digne says, there is post ... oh - Justian.  WHAT a SIGHT YOU are!"
"I'm in socks and boxers.  And I'm CLEAN!"
"I hate that dresscode;  the unwritten rules of the Morgenthaler-Collectors. However, am I not suited how they dictate? Or do I have to wear additionally pretty smoked dresses with sunday-shoes?
"I'm not even dishevelled. So what!"
"I'm a BOY - I just have no probs to be dirty or not perfect dressed sometimes. Coolness has nothing to do with neatness! I don't want to be a smug! Do you think Mrs. Morgenthaler wanted boys to be clean and ironed all the time? - Never -  you saw her figures in the old Museum Baerengasse. They are pretty different."


 "Sorry - I have to let it out!" - "Ok ok, I understand that - calm down. Look, there's a card from the Blackforest, this is Granny.
 "And this is from Sweden, greetings from Erik. And a fundraising letter ..."

"Great Britain? " - " This must be Anna! Digne told us to be observant."

"May we open this, Digne?"
"I'm so curios...
... what it is..."
" A rope! Great! I have to try instantly. But must put off that slippers."
"It wohorks!"
"Its from all of the Dollmumpeople: Miranda, Florence, Nicholas, James, Laura, Reuben, Baby Mabel and Baby Leo! To all of us. Aren't they lovely?!  They hope we'll share the rope. (Sure we do!)   It reads here, that they sending a bear ... their Mum made for us ... there must be something more in that parcel!"
"Read yourself" - "... or let's simply look in again!"

"Yes! There's a bear inside! Aww - all in white. Like the Berlins Zoo-Knut."
"What a cutie!"
"Do you want to say something; Knutie?" -  .... " w e l l w e l l " ... " Did you hear this? He can talk, he says well well." - "Sure - I'm a boy, but boys are not usually deaf."
"LOOK - he wants to cuddle with me."
Isn't he marvelous?
"Love you too, Knutie!"
"Mmh! We now got that lovely Knutie-bear  - and our plan? We get the juniors off to submerge our bottlemessage and have a look-see. They're wild about us sending them around!"
"Don't mind. Think, there is only a slim chance getting bears with bottlemessages. And if they finally find something though we can dedicate it to them - and there will be peace again."


Thanks so much  ♥ Anna and the Dollmumspeople ♥


  1. What a lovely surprise from Anna!
    Great blog post!

  2. What a lovely surprise of a Bear and a skipping rope ! and I see they are wearing their Sashapotamus clothes well almost except julian who is going with the flow!!!
    love the slippers,

    we have the brother to your new bear given by dollmum to the village Clan at the Chat n Snap he will have to come and say hello in the village.

    A wonderful post I love the chat between your children :)

  3. Good evening and thanks!
    (It seems you understand. This makes me really happy :)

  4. Oh great, I am so glad Knutie bear and the skipping rope arrived safely, what a lovely welcome. I had fun making the bear and rope. I am glad your Sasha family look like normal people in the morning in an assortment of clothes rather than smartly dressed, I am never tidy first thing in the morning.

  5. Oh how wonderful for them and what cute little bear. Looks like he has been made very welcome indeed.

    They will also have lots of fun with the skipping rope, I am sure of that, my kids love theirs.

  6. Thanks for your comments!
    I've fun too taking the photos. (But not blurring the adresses afterwards *sigh* -my fault)

    Noticing again, that the unsharp pics often showing more emotion. That's what I want to see.
    I'm still using my old mobile telephone, not my big camera with different objectives...