25. November 2013

Party @ S&Ks

"Hej Britta - are we ready to party?"
"No Bella! This is no partydress!" - Why not? I feel pretty!"
"Look a me: classic leathershoes, socks, long smocked dress from a wellknown designer;  matching hairgrip - this is a Morgenthaler-upper class-collectors-gown!" - "Really? What's this: upperclass? The word alone is just pompous. My outfit is more fun. And I AM wellknown, only this counts. *giggle"
"Mmh. - But look at your decoration. O my. The pennants have to look downwards, not upwards." - "Who made that rule? Mine wants to stick up. They're nice anyway."
"Mrs.Digne! Britta constantly finding faults!"
"Ok ok - I'll stop nagging now. We want to party and have fun instead."
"Oh,  Mrs.Digne's blowing soap bubbles."
"Thanks  for the juice. But where are the cookies?" - " GONE !!" -  " I think is was Crazie, I know he's fast in nibbling cookies."
"You're a bad bird, Crazie! Now we've to search for more."
♥ Thanks Lorraine for this great suggestion! ♥


  1. Love your girls and love their arguing! :) and the upside down pennants!

    They both look lovely :)

  2. Both girls look great Anne, I like both of their outfits. Are they twins? And the upside down pennants are brilliant....why be the same as everyone else!!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx