20. Dezember 2013

Advent, Advent

" I can't believe it - there are so many lovely people sendung us christmas-greetings!"

"And we have to light THREE candles. "
"DU Adam - ick mag Kekse. Jib her -mach hinne!"
"Hi there - no snow at all, but it's wet outside -brrr!"
"Ah David, we're just waiting for you- put off the hoody, it's warm here."
"Mein Keks is runtajefalln, ..."  - "Then go and find it, Minibaer. Yourself!"
"Just talked to Rainer, who don't understand christmas - told him, what Mum says:
You mustn't believe the industry: Christmas is  n o t  really for business and shopping. People have to forget all that todays 'political correctness' for some time. Preferably forever.  *g."
"The difference is only to be MORE THANKFUL these days.
For God has not forget about us. For all we have. For all we don't need! And for having us.
"Yes.  And that we don't need to be perfect. ---We're just a very ordinary family; loving another, but also struggling all the time. We don't need to create a perfect storybook-christmas ..." - " Wat is ooch schon perfekt?! Wia rutsch n bißken mea ssusamm un futtan mea Kekse, wa - det isset." 
"By the way. There was a nice story ..." - "Yes David, please - read it for us."


  1. Lovely Post
    Great room setting and props, I must do better looking for props next year.
    Dee xx

  2. Dear Lottchen; just come and get some *fg
    Was ist mit meinen Fehlern? Korrigieren!

    Dear Dee; thanks so much.
    And ask me, perhaps I can send some.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Du hast wunderschöne Bilder gemacht und die weihnachtlich geschmückten Räume und Möbel sehen total herzig aus! Deine Sasha-Bande ist tip top angezogen,
    die lassen sich's richtig gut gehen an Weihnachten. Ich staune über die Mini-Deko, die kleinen Tässchen und was du sonst noch alles im Sasha-Massstab präsentierst. Schöne Weihnachtstage!