3. Dezember 2013


"Still no snow at all! It doesn't look like winter though."

  ...  "MARGARETH, Mum send me to carry the mistletoes inside and..."
"I want to ask you...  See, I'm NOT a baby, I'm a toddler. And I'm a 'late german'. So I'm young, but not to young, right? ... Do you think, I may open the window today?"

"Sure. Today's your day. I'll help you. Be carefully!"
"Enjoy your meal  *g - I'm off now- hanging up the mistletoes. When you finished, don't forget to clean your face, ok?!"

 Finally Erik, after being a good boy cleaning his face as requested - and no sister in sight-

 has a great time jumping on the bed.


  1. Also bei uns hat es Schnee:)
    Der Erik ist ein ganz süsser, braver kleiner Kerl. Hoffentlich hält das Bett!

  2. Wonderful post! Love the bed and Erik eating his treat then jumping on the bed because his siters not about! :)

  3. Danke fürs Vorbeischauen, ihr Netten - pleased to read you here again :)

    Das Bett ist unversehrt.
    Scheint recht stabil ;)