9. Januar 2014

By the sea

Today I'll tell you about our trip to the sea. The Baltic!
Here I am: Annika; watching the waves!  It wasn't that cold ...
... but I didn't want to swim in winterwater.
Balancing on the railing was fun! Mr. Digne took care of me.
In the hotel, I played a little with the stones we found on the beach.
The other day Mr. Digne tried to find the way to the lighthouse.
But this runway was forbidden -and me and Digne didn't want to be jailed! So I only demolished the streetlamp *giggle*
Digne read a sign, telling that this marina, hotels and apartments were build with aid money. Then she was somewhat angry and grumbled: if the poor very rich people just loves to live in ghettos, it's goony but their own business. But they have to build it on their own money. Buying politicians and getting taxpayer's money with smart 'projectplans' is stealing from the poor! 'So where are you, Robin Hood?'  (Well indeed, we didn't meet Mr.Hood.)
Mr. Digne came back alive! There was no lighthouse but water at the end of the jetty.
Look at this! Finally we found not only one, BUT TWO lighthouses. (Mr. Digne still wanted to be the first.)
Wow - a great ferry from scandinavia.
Then we had to leave Rostock. While checking out- I watched out for my stones, as they are my souvenir.

 -See you at the Commoneos - greetings from Annika!


  1. Annika, what an adventure. I've never seen the Baltic and I am glad you got some souvenirs.

  2. It looked very cold that sea Annika good idea not to swim in the winter water!
    I love you little stone's they will look lovely back home.
    Mr Digne was very good to help you balance on the railings and to go search for the light house to save you walking all that way for nothing.
    Looks like you had a lovely trip!

  3. What a great blog post, I loved seeing the Baltic Sea, never having seen it before....it certainly looked very cold and quite uninviting, some people are very brave or perhaps a little crazy going swimming in it at this time of year!!!
    The stones that Annika collected as souvenirs are lovely, they'd make great paperweights...or perhaps she could paint on them, a lighthouse maybe?
    I'm glad you all had a great time, and kept safe too!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  4. Das sind wunderschöne Bilder, Anne.
    Auch die kleine Annika ist ein sehr hübsches Mädchen. Sie hatte genau die richtigen Sachen dabei für den Ausflug ans Meer. Ich war auch noch nie da:)

  5. Schön, dass ihr mir zugehört habt. Ihr solltet da auch mal hinfahren, aber nicht im Sommer sagt Digne, da ist es furchtbar voll mit Menschen dort.
    Ja - Barbara, ich musste nicht frieren!
    Danke euch allen
    und liebe Grüße von

    Thanks for reading and all the nice words. Ah, and for the great tips you gave me, Sharon.
    See you -
    Love Annika