24. Januar 2014

How to get some hats

Yes, of course - yesterday Tami heard about Hattie and her hats 
(with Hattietude).
Ah - great.
Hattie's so talented; isn't she?
I think, we are in need for one -äh- some hats!

... and I think, for you it's time to go to bed... 

we'll talk tomorrow!

* * *


Today in the early morning I found Tami at the window:

NOW we could talk or better just ask Hattie for oneähsome hats?!
... look, no hands ...

  *sigh* -  I'll ask Dee soon, I promise.

But stop trying to fall out of the window, pLeAsE!


  1. Was für ein schöner Ausblick - das sieht herrlich aus:) Ja, meine Mädchen könnten auch Hattie-Hüte gebrauchen für den Sommer:)
    ...und der Haarschnitt von Tammy gefällt mir gut!

  2. She is sooo Sweet! I love Tammy :)
    What lovely photo's from your window of your town!
    You must also put some photo's on of where you live, when the weather gets better! It looks so lovely and very pretty in the snow!! although I hope the snow does not come over this way!!

  3. Ja Barbara,
    dann wolln wir mal Hüte bestellen, es wird ja wieder Sommer werden :)
    Die Schnee-Fegerei am Hang (und die Raufschlepperei der Einkäufe sind dann die Nachteile der Aussicht...

    Glad you like her, -and it, Dee
    We're living in a town 'on 7 hills', like Rome, but this is the darkest Province. I run a Holiday-Flat here. ("Haus-am-Hang", the link on the left side)

  4. Oh my Goodness, you must live in a Winter Wonderland!!! How beautiful the houses look all covered in snow! You really must please share some more photos of where you live, it looks so lovely!
    And yes, you also must get Tammy a hat because with weather like that, she really is going to need one! She looks very cute in her outfit too!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx