26. Februar 2014

Der Kuchen °2

WER war das! -  Keine Ahnung, ich sitz echt erst seit eben hier.
 Was wird denn jetzt aus meinen Tee-á-Tête? Ich hatte mir das soo schön ausgedacht.
Guck mal, Marlenchen - ich hab in der Küche noch prima Kekse gefunden ...

Die Commoneos danken Amalaswintha und Benigna herzlich für den offensichtlich sehr leckeren Kuchen und die prima Kekse.

25. Februar 2014

Der Kuchen °1

Sieht guut aus!
Jetzt geh ich noch Tee machen.
... inzwischen ...

Oh ... Oh ...

14. Februar 2014

♡ Valentine's evening

"No, I really don't know what happend! He only said '... pinkkkk' and slumped into the armchair!"

♡ Happy Valentine'sday ♡

... with love from all of us ♡ ♡ ♡

✿ Morning Routine 3

Something rustles.
That's me. I'm a bear.
I'm just trying to get out here.
Hello above - are you speechless or dumb?
A BEAR! AWwW. That's what Hattie writing about! Now I understand : a quite wise sitting bear. Cheeky. And if he does not behave, we've to send him back. He talks GERMAN! Sag mal was deutsches, Bär!
Not dumb, indeed. Isch bün ain Börlina! That's what Kennedy said at the Berlin Airlift.  I'm sorry, but that's all. I have to tell a fib to Dee, because I really want to see Germany. I don' t want to madden anyone - no no!
Are you upset now, Boy? But english bears are nice! English  bears are usually very well behaved and selfcontrolled. We don't like to show to much feelings. But ...
... you are surprisingly endearing.
Is the hamper your home, bear -like Diogenes'? No? Anyway,  it's great to carry you.
PICTURE for the Village-Clan! And don't forget to say Thankyou:)


Dear Dee and the Clan, I'm so very sorry - but I think I can try to live here, learning german and being wise.  - Shh Reuben, I'm sending the weekly reports to the named destination. - JUST KIDDING!
Thea, what's up?  - I'm modeling the sweater. Very special: I do it the Shellyway!
She's beautiful, isn't she? -  Ah Hamish - now I know, it was you opening Nadias post and cutting out the stamps. You're wearing the other outfit  from Sashas-Garderobe, - cool!  -  I'm   modeling and modeling and no one's watchng ...

✿ Morning Routine 2

JUstiAn! What a SIGHT YOU are!
It's like a DéjaVu!  Au contraire: THeA; what a sight are YOU. Unkempt!  - I'M nearly perfect; as ever *g
Just kidding! I know the story, Aleta told me... *gg
OK - what we got today? This one is from our dear Nadia in Switzerland -and it's open? Who was here before us?
Nadia writes about our oven?  - Look, an apron. Lovely! Yes, Digne talked about a new oven for us, but then she doesn't like it and we've to wait for another.
I make a bow - stand still -and hold your hair back. So!  Nice stamps, by the way. With bears. Someone cut them out. WHO?
This is from GreatBritain; the Village-Clan.
To the Commeoneo-Crew. THAT's US!  -  And this is Hattie! She is the Village designer and hatter.
Hattie writes something about a bear? I thought she would send hats for us?
A long sweater. Great! It's just getting colder, so we need it.
Ah, this is a hat. Pink. For me! - No Justian, this is a girls hat. - Nope Thea, I'm the one who's not afraid for pink. Men are men, whatever they wear. - Sure? ... I love this hamper. In our favorite colour.
See - you've just to wear it like a man. Ha!  - Perhaps you're right. Oh - I feel pretty, oh so pretty ...

11. Februar 2014

Where is Digne?

Digne isn't here, as I told you! She cares for her daughters family -far away. For they are all sick with pneumonia and tonsilitis and such bad things!

9. Februar 2014

And the name is ...

We have gathered here ...  - HEAR, HEAR!  - Wait! -
 ... electing the name for the new member of the Commoneo Redheads!
The ballot box is filled with the suggestions of the higly honoured readers of the commoneoblog.
I choose Emma, the oldest redhead here to draw a name.
(Don't you really have any other blindfold ??)
... drumroll ...
Breathless attention!
Thanks folks -and dear readers of course- for helping me. Names are very important. As you'll know!
My name is...
YaYY - H a m i s h - what a great name! We have to ask Otto  to do some research for the meaning

Final: the group shot  (Hey, Lion, you're not a redhead!)                                                                                                        f.l.t.r. Emma (you lost your hairslide!) , Luzie, Justian and...Hamish; of course.                                                                   WUFF!  ...and Lion, the notreallyredhead.

Special thanks to Sashapotamus for making great tights with alternative capabilities.
www.dict.cc and dict.leo.org for significant help with english vocables.
To Mr.Digne being able to stand Mrs. Digne suffering from dollymadness. To Mr. and Mrs. Dignes children not telling everyone their mother is cc  (=completelycrazy).
And of course - to all the still commenting (or silent) readers of the commoneo news...