25. Februar 2014

Der Kuchen °1

Sieht guut aus!
Jetzt geh ich noch Tee machen.
... inzwischen ...

Oh ... Oh ...


  1. Oh Dear! and that cake looked so nice and I am sure the children would have had a lovely cup of tea with the cake but now......
    The dog Lion needs to be trained...

  2. Oh my goodness what a naughty little dog to eat all that lovely cake and not leave a crumb for anyone else!!!
    This reminded me of my Yellow Labrador, Heather, who died back in 2009. When she was a puppy, before she came to us, she was left at home whilst her then family went to their babies Christening. They left all the food on the table laid out for their guests, including the lovely Christening cake. When they returned from the church, they found the puppy on the table, having eaten her way through ALL of the Christening cake, as well as loads of the other food in the buffet!!!!! But not only did she leave nothing untouched for the guests, she then spent the rest of the day getting sick and poo'ing all over the place whilst the guests were all there!!!!

  3. On my god! A desaster Sharon!
    They'll not forget
    this day - but hopsfully be able to laugh about it now ;)