14. Februar 2014

✿ Morning Routine 2

JUstiAn! What a SIGHT YOU are!
It's like a DéjaVu!  Au contraire: THeA; what a sight are YOU. Unkempt!  - I'M nearly perfect; as ever *g
Just kidding! I know the story, Aleta told me... *gg
OK - what we got today? This one is from our dear Nadia in Switzerland -and it's open? Who was here before us?
Nadia writes about our oven?  - Look, an apron. Lovely! Yes, Digne talked about a new oven for us, but then she doesn't like it and we've to wait for another.
I make a bow - stand still -and hold your hair back. So!  Nice stamps, by the way. With bears. Someone cut them out. WHO?
This is from GreatBritain; the Village-Clan.
To the Commeoneo-Crew. THAT's US!  -  And this is Hattie! She is the Village designer and hatter.
Hattie writes something about a bear? I thought she would send hats for us?
A long sweater. Great! It's just getting colder, so we need it.
Ah, this is a hat. Pink. For me! - No Justian, this is a girls hat. - Nope Thea, I'm the one who's not afraid for pink. Men are men, whatever they wear. - Sure? ... I love this hamper. In our favorite colour.
See - you've just to wear it like a man. Ha!  - Perhaps you're right. Oh - I feel pretty, oh so pretty ...


  1. Aww I love how dishevelled Thea looks this morning.....I know that feeling only too well! She still looks incredibly cute despite her bed hair though!
    What lovely parcels from Sasha friends around the world, love the apron and the hats from Hattie. And why not wear pink, eh Justian!! It suits you perfectly! LOL ;)

  2. I love that boy! Never lets other's opinions hold him back from going with the flow!!