14. Februar 2014

✿ Morning Routine 3

Something rustles.
That's me. I'm a bear.
I'm just trying to get out here.
Hello above - are you speechless or dumb?
A BEAR! AWwW. That's what Hattie writing about! Now I understand : a quite wise sitting bear. Cheeky. And if he does not behave, we've to send him back. He talks GERMAN! Sag mal was deutsches, Bär!
Not dumb, indeed. Isch bün ain Börlina! That's what Kennedy said at the Berlin Airlift.  I'm sorry, but that's all. I have to tell a fib to Dee, because I really want to see Germany. I don' t want to madden anyone - no no!
Are you upset now, Boy? But english bears are nice! English  bears are usually very well behaved and selfcontrolled. We don't like to show to much feelings. But ...
... you are surprisingly endearing.
Is the hamper your home, bear -like Diogenes'? No? Anyway,  it's great to carry you.
PICTURE for the Village-Clan! And don't forget to say Thankyou:)


Dear Dee and the Clan, I'm so very sorry - but I think I can try to live here, learning german and being wise.  - Shh Reuben, I'm sending the weekly reports to the named destination. - JUST KIDDING!
Thea, what's up?  - I'm modeling the sweater. Very special: I do it the Shellyway!
She's beautiful, isn't she? -  Ah Hamish - now I know, it was you opening Nadias post and cutting out the stamps. You're wearing the other outfit  from Sashas-Garderobe, - cool!  -  I'm   modeling and modeling and no one's watchng ...


  1. What a cute little bear! And how lovely that he wants to live there in Germany and learn your language and culture! I think he'll have lots of fun if my trips to Germany were anything to go by.
    Thea looks lovely in her new sweater, it will certainly keep her nice and warm for the rest of the winter...and what a perfect model pose!
    Another great post, Anne, your props and scenes are quite amazing!

  2. I knew that bear could not be trusted! When he kept talking about the black forest and cuckoo clocks and going 'home'!!! :)

    i'm sure he is going to enjoy living with you all in Germany
    Dee xx

  3. He's soo lovely, Dee.

    We're so happy to have him here and will always be thankful to Hattie, you and the Clan!

    The black forest? Then he have to go with us on the easterdays. We'll be there visiting my Mom, who's living just there.
    As much dark forest as you want, and so many cockooclocks :)

    His name was Cumberland, right?

  4. Thanks so much, Sharon,
    I'm happy you enjoying it :)