9. März 2014

Davids Day on 'Vogelweide' #4

  Hey all! Do you want to see more pics? I got the photos of my visit in Vogelweide. I never finished telling the story! - David, this is a great idea. - Yes, it's just nice watching photos together.
Now it's almost spring, but I think it's nice to remember last year though ... one moment, please.
Arrhm! If anybody's interested: I just found out, I'm a standing bear as well...
Speziell für Barbara: die Babys waren müde und schlafen schon fast! The Babies are so tired...
Ah ... here comes the follow up.  As you remember, there was a man in our garden!
It was our kind neighbour and he was beating the tree. Really! For the walnuts had to fall down!
We stored them in the shed, because they had to dry. But - outch - it was not a good idea trying to jump through the window!
Mrs. Digne saved me and then we entered the plumtree...
... picked some plums. Yummy!
We checked the gabbage. Wow!
... and enjoyed  the flowers.
I liked the californian poppies most.
Only some bees were flying - it was to cold that day.
Our basket was full of plums and horseraddish and ...
 ... it was time to drive home - by bus again.
I stayed in the backpack, but peeped out a little.
Finally - and up-to-date at Vogelweide: we started to fill the soil for 2014!


  1. Lovely to find out what happened with the man in the garden! The photo's look so bright makes one wish for the summer to come soon!
    What do you do with all your walnuts? sell them? or use them?

    Now that Cumberland can stand he'll be off getting into mischief!! :)

  2. Dee; we can never eat so much walnuts, but there are good and in no way chemically threated.
    Do you want some?

    Oh -oh. Ich haven't any experience with Bramberbears. Do I have to expect very dangerous things?

  3. Oh ja, das war ein schöner Ausblick oder Rückblick je nach dem:) Da bin ich aber sehr froh, Anne, dass ich immer gut informiert werde, was die Babys gerade machen:))
    David ist ein ganz hübscher Junge und der gestrickte Pullover passt so richtig schön in die Herbstlandschaft.

  4. Lovely photos and all those wonderful walnuts....yummy!! I also was interested to see the horseradish because I have recently really started to love horseradish sauce and was thinking that because it is hard to buy here, I might grow some!
    Did you mean 'cabbage' rather than 'garbage'? I think it was probably a slip of the fingers when you were typing, but you made me laugh!!! And that is one BIG cabbage!
    And those plums!!! I LOVE plums, although they don't love me so much as they give me stomach cramps when I eat too many....and I tend to do just that, eat too many!!
    Big hugs, Sharon xx

  5. I love walnuts....in a CAKE!! :)
    unfortunately they don't l;ike me out of a Cake!!

    I don't think Cumberland is dangerous but he could now get up to all sorts of things, there'll be no stopping him appearing all over the place just like that Mossy!! :)

  6. This prevents you for getting tons of german walnuts soon, Dee ;)
    I'll have a eye on that sweet little bearie!

    Thanks so much Sharon, this was a big mistake and not because my fingers slipping. I'm just choosing a word sounding right. Not right enough- oops - sorry!

    Be carefully with horseraddish. In the photo these are all small childs of the originals. If you got one, you have soon very much of them.

    But love them as well and if you take your Originals out of the earth in Autumn, cut their runners and put them in again, it's no problem.
    I learned this too late ;)