3. März 2014

Gunnar reports ... (Crazie ♥12)

Mrs. Digne told us not to use the fireplacelounge to avoid disturbing Crazie and his girlfriend.
But I was allowed to take the camera and have a peek in there!
So, the lens is clean, the card is formatted, the battery charged - I'm ready to show you!


  1. Oo ! What's happening in the Fireplace lounge?? Cannot wait to see the photo's! :)

  2. Oooch, mein Clemens hat ja auch eine Kamera:) Ja, der Gunnar soll bald mal Fotos zeigen von den Turteltäubchen, gerne!

  3. Oh I can't wait to see the photos too....and hope that we'll get a really good glimpse into what's going on with little Crazie and his new girlfriend. I hope they're not camera shy though!

  4. Hello Dee, Barbara und Sharon!
    We're all very interested- hopefully he's fast ...