5. März 2014

Gunnar reports ... (Crazie ♥13)

We're all waiting, Gunnar and Marlene! And Fasching is over now, today is Aschermittwoch!  Ah- skip it. We so love the hats.
Cumberland, I need that place now! - Well, I'm a sitting bear, as you know because Dee told you! English bears sitting not everywhere, but on special places. And this is the most dignifiedly place here!
Dear Cumberlandchen, I think english bears perhaps also love sitting on the lap of lovely Sashas? Is this a not worthily place?  Mmh. - I'll try that.
Here's the Pad. Do you have a good visibility? Oh nice, the pic from our friends at SashaVillage. Wait a second, it'll show my photos immediately.
OH LOOk! Unbelievable! Did you see that?! AwWw!!
Yes folks, Crazie and the green birdie are in love and they finally choose the fireplace to build a home. Otto? - Yes, I read budgies likes holes in trees for building nests. His first try on the wooden tree wasn't successful - his little wife sure has told him.


  1. So schnell rast die Zeit. Fasching is over now, zum Glück;)Aber die Hüte sind toll - selbst gemacht?
    Hoffeltlich fallen die süssen Babys nicht vom Sessel runter und die budgies sehen wie echt aus!


  2. I see that Cumberland is making himself at home! Now Marlene's shown him about sitting on laps!! well he'll be wanting that extra special treatment ALL thae time!

    How sweet that Crazie and his new 'wife' are in love and building their nest in the fireplace!! lucky it is going into Spring or you would all freeze!!

  3. Ooooh that is sooo cute, I'm delighted to see that it's working out well for the two budgies. As Dee says though, it's a good job that spring is on it's way seeing as they've chosen the fireplace to build their little love nest!
    It's great too to see that the little English bear is making himself at home...a lap is so much more comfy that a sofa, or so my little dogs tell me!!!