12. März 2014


Marika - I'm so happy you're back again!

Me too. 
I was sooo far away from here. 
But it was great in Spain.

Now you have to tell me all what happens since, will you?
- Sure! And you tell me all about Spain!

Oh no - I totally forget - we should not be here. We don't have to bother Crazie and his girlfriend! They're building a nest in the fireplace. - He looked not very disturbed though...
Disturbed, disturbed; I disturbed nobody- hope so.
- Gasp! A bear. Again! - Are we still on Bärenjagd?
What are you doing here, Mr. Bear? - I said GOODBYE to my brother; the blonde one. Because I'm leaving. -Why you're leaving, you're just arrived! - I'm a adventure-seeker. Adventures are only to find  in the outland. Don't hold me up, boy. Bye!
He's gone! - But this is weird, Erik. - That's just how it is...

♥ Many thanks to Jackie Rydstrom in Spain for accommodating and beautifing little Marika ♥


  1. Jö, Marika ist aber auch ein ganz süsser Spatz! Wozu war sie denn in Spanien?

  2. Oh how lovely that Marika has been visiting with Jackie here in Spain, I thought she looked like she had a nice suntan!
    I love how you have the two of your toddlers dressed, so cute and very well, toddler-like!!
    I hope they didn't disturb Crazie, though it looks like they didn't, he looks quite relaxed there on the clock. Not sure about the bear though, where on earth is he off to now?

  3. I forgot to say that I LOVE the wall hanging you have displayed behind the two toddlers, it's really unusual and very pretty!!!


  4. Welcome home Marika, you look very lovely after your visit to Spain, I'm sure Erik missed you! Is he yor twin brother?
    Lucky that Carzie was not distrubed by you two being in the room.
    Sounds like the bear is off on a big adventure! I wonder where he is going?
    Dee xx

  5. Dankesehr Barbara!
    Jackie Rydstrom hat Marika rerooted.

    Thanks so much Sharon!
    I love the hanging as well; it's only a big copy of a greetingcard.

  6. You are very inventive, Anne, I'd never have thought it was an enlarged greeting card at all....you're giving me good ideas now...thank you!!! Hugs Sharon xx