23. März 2014

Mathildas Dream (Crazie ♥ 16)

Today I woke up very early, much to early! I trotted in the living room and throw myself into the armchair. Cumberlandchen was sitting beside me, telling me stories from great Great Britain, far far away, across the wide wide ocean...
Suddenly I was lying on the floor at the fireplace lounge!
Crazie was looking out of his nest there. I heard a crackle.
He spoke birdish to a small yellow chicken. Another crackle.
And then there were more chicken, and more...
AND MORE coming out of the fireplace,  hopscotching on me, tweeting and jumping nearer to my face ... HELP ...
And there was Cumberland again, asking me why I'm screeming - and no yellow anymore and - PHEW! - it was only a dream!


  1. Oh My thank goodness it was only a dream! Imagine having all those chickens to look after!
    Poor Crazie and his wife would be worn out!
    Dee :)

  2. are you sure it was only a dream - I think one of the little yellow chicks is snuggling into your cardigan for warmth.


  3. Thanks for visiting us, Dee and Dollmum!
    And for letting me know.
    I've to keep an eye on this!

  4. Hee hee, that could be a bit of a nightmare....especially if they all grew up to be BIG chickens!!!! But maybe there will soon be the patter of tiny little birdy feet coming from the fireplace?
    And what a great name for the little bear!!! I guess you are a Sherlock fan!

  5. Oh, wie schön - ein wunderbarer Traum! Und e i n Küken hat sich ja noch in die Wirklichkeit hinübergerettet:) Hoffentlich müssen die Wellensittich-Eltern jetzt nicht noch ein Kuckucks-Hühnechen füttern:0

  6. Hihi Sharon, you make me laugh. That's a great idea: ending up all this lovely, happy, sunny Sasha things and begin to tell dark criminalstories.
    Bloody Sasha-footprints on their way to the bathroom. Or bad aggressive chickens with black feet on their way to ruin the Commoneos. *gg

    I Like Sherlock Holmes, but don't know where there is Cumberland?

    Achje Barbara, das fehlte noch. Die armen Vöglelchen.
    ich bin grad auf dem Kurs weg von der Sasha Idylle :) Da gings das.
    Oder - wie wär's denn mal mit einem Sasha Krimi?