28. April 2014

... im Garten.

Dee von Sasha-Village erzählte heute, dass keine Zeit für Sashas wäre,
 weil sie das Gartencenter leerzuräumen hatte. Sozusagen :)

Mit Sashas war bei mir heute auch nix, weil ich Dorfnachbars Tochter betreute,
eine meiner Töchter zum Bahnhof brachte, deren Besuch heut zuende ging
und Fotos für einen Kalender zusammenzustellen begann -mein Part am Geburtstagsgeschenk für unsere Mutter.

DABEI fiel mir nämlich gerade eben auch ein Gartenkatzenfoto in die Hände.
Ginkgo sitzt hier nicht auf einem Gargoyle, aber ähnlich gedrängt
und zeigt nochmal seine türkisfarbenen Augen und seine etwas zu großen Pfoten.
Er kam vor 2 Jahren einfach nicht nach Hause  und wir haben trotz Suchaktion nie erfahren, wo er abblieb.

Hoffentlich gehts ihm gut, wo immer er auch jetzt ist.

27. April 2014

Hamish and the Black Forest °2

See me? I'm sitting on the fence of the garden. It's the Hippenseppenhof from 1599.  As I'm not TT-Bear, I'm only able to vision how life feels far ago.
It was interesting, but ... *sigh* Boys love to have some more action! Wish I can travel with TT...
I got a ride!
Then I made the aquaintance of a nice little girl.
Think she liked me :)
The Schauinslandhaus from 1730. Do you see the door and the small balcony - with a privy at its end? Under the privy there's just a barrel. You know why :)

25. April 2014

Hamish and the Black Forest

 Hello there, here's your Hamish. 
As some of you know - I lately visited the BlackForest. 
TimeTravelbear was with me and Mrs. Digne and Mr. Digne; of course.

Do you want to see some photos?
OK, I'll show you:

It was time to go to bed. But I was still surfing.

We wanted to go on an excursion next day  and TT-Bear told me to search for an interesting place.
"TT; are the 'Vogtsbauernhof' ok for you? This is a museum with real old BlackForest houses!" He said yes, and explained that he was there in 1612. Hard life, but happy- back in the days.
 Then Mrs. Digne called us. We had to go to bed. Good night everyone!
Next day.  I ought to wrap up warmly. (We had SNOW the day before!) TT talked the whole time!
He was still chitchatting while I'm putting on shoes.
And doesn't stop until I'm ready.
Here we are. You see easily... he was still babbling.

We arrived at Vogtsbauernhof and it was raining. In the background, you see the oldest house.

 In the foreground me and the untired pattering TT. 

Quite impressive big old houses, me and a funny little bear!

Suddenly he stopped- and told me, he had been requested 

by someone the 16th century and had to leave now: 'bye and seeyou' and gone he was!

20. April 2014

☼ Frohe Ostern - Happy Easter ☼

You bunny; you're looking like a unicorn! - Nanu, wen hast du denn da eingeladen, Bär? - This is my other brother. Das ist mein anderer Bruder. Der eine ist Gunther und ist jetzt im Sasha-Dorf bei Dee. Dieser hier macht Zeitreisen und poppt mal hier und mal da auf. Your brother does WHAT? Time traveling, journey through time. I don't know how, but it works for him! Now he's in April 2014 for having some eastereggs with us. Verrückt! Crazy! (Nein ich hab dich nicht gemeint, Crazie) Aber sei's drum. Erstmal herzlich willkommen, Bärzwo!
Look, I'm a birdiesitter. So Mrs. Crazie has time for cuddling Mr. Crazie!
Hey! I'm not a Easterbunny and not an Easteregg, I don't want to be collected! You're Cumberland and we have to pose for a festive photo! Stop - we must take these freaky chicken to another room before, I'm happy they're in a playpen, but now they're chirping much to loud ...
Grmbl - the basket feels like a cage...
Attention! Now - take a deep breath and hold it.

Some time later ...

... may I breathe out now?

HAMISH, you switched out the lights! - Yes, because WE ALL want to go for an egg hunt.  We missed you,  Cumberland, the nameless bear and- the unkown bear. Hurry up and join us outside! (And help this chicken. It's upset.)
Dear visitors: Frohe Ostern - Happy Easter to all of you. Got to go. See you soon!

16. April 2014

Once upon a time ...

... there was a happy little sheep. Da war ein Schaf, das hüpfte glücklich über grüne Wiesen -  määhh! (Sheep bleeting BAAA not Mäh!)
Und es wusste NOCH  nicht, dass es einen WOLF gab. Eines Tages traf es ein Schweinchen -  quiiieek, quiek!  (Weird! This isn't what piggys oinking! Ah, Cumberland - put a sock in it!)

... niemals im Leben hätten sie gedacht, dass sie ein solches Abenteuer heil überleben würden! Quiek! Ich werde immer an deiner Seite bleiben.  - Und ich werde dich nie im Stich lassen, so wahr ich ein Schaf bin. Mäh!

... and they live happily ever after ...

And if you look closely, you can see Hawkeye -our dog- sighing, because there are no cookies in this story he can snatch away after Ms. Digne stops wasting time with these dolls.

15. April 2014

The quest (Crazie ♥18)

Crazie, we don't want to disturb neither you nor your lady. We're here only to make sure you've all you need?!
It seems you're ok. Having a great time? -  Is it allowed to have a peak ... yes? ... ah ... UNBELIEVABLE
I see a fluffy, podgy, greeny monst...äh ... birdie!
Lovely black eyes! It takes after its mother, I think.
Congratulations Crazie. You're now a father!!
Look, Lion says CONGRATZ too!
So -  it is time to say goobye for now -and spread the news. -  See you soon;  Crazie, Lady Crazie and Baby Crazie!
Buckle up and off we go, Lion! While riding, we have to think about a suitable name for the new arrival.

The little monste ..äh... birdie is custommade for the Commoneos by Mistr.Sandman on etsy

14. April 2014

The quest (Crazie ♥17)

We don't know that Lions wearing  Bramberbears sometimes?
Ah Visitors! Welcome here - and as Kendal writes: you live and learn!  We're trying to find out how Crazie and his family's doing. I KNOW, Mrs.Digne says no, but ...
... after all, some has to work when the others are drinking chocolate.  - Yes, we have arrived. Please let me down now, my friend!
Mmmh. Is that a good idea?
I do not have to think about that for long...

 ... this place is to far back, if you understand what I mean.

But ...

 ... there's always the chance of a happy ending.
Unfortunately, I had been glad already too early

No, my valiant Lion, this is not your fault.  - Hi Crazie, glad to meet you! In the Sasha-World you're kind of famous.

 ... to be continued

4. April 2014

Where's Mrs. Digne?

Don't you know? Mrs. Digne is in Bavaria, having some more lessons in bee-keeping ... mähhh!

I got a Bienenkiste (bee-kiss ;) since last year, my bees survived the winter and are busy building and breeding. 

Have a great weekend and see you next week!