25. April 2014

Hamish and the Black Forest

 Hello there, here's your Hamish. 
As some of you know - I lately visited the BlackForest. 
TimeTravelbear was with me and Mrs. Digne and Mr. Digne; of course.

Do you want to see some photos?
OK, I'll show you:

It was time to go to bed. But I was still surfing.

We wanted to go on an excursion next day  and TT-Bear told me to search for an interesting place.
"TT; are the 'Vogtsbauernhof' ok for you? This is a museum with real old BlackForest houses!" He said yes, and explained that he was there in 1612. Hard life, but happy- back in the days.
 Then Mrs. Digne called us. We had to go to bed. Good night everyone!
Next day.  I ought to wrap up warmly. (We had SNOW the day before!) TT talked the whole time!
He was still chitchatting while I'm putting on shoes.
And doesn't stop until I'm ready.
Here we are. You see easily... he was still babbling.

We arrived at Vogtsbauernhof and it was raining. In the background, you see the oldest house.

 In the foreground me and the untired pattering TT. 

Quite impressive big old houses, me and a funny little bear!

Suddenly he stopped- and told me, he had been requested 

by someone the 16th century and had to leave now: 'bye and seeyou' and gone he was!


  1. I loved the pictures of Hamish getting dressed.
    But where did TT bear go and why?


  2. Lovely to see Hamish again and surfing the net! Love the photo of them on the stairs!
    Hamish looked well wrapped up for the cold and snowy!! weather.
    I to wonder where TT bear's gone and why??

  3. Loved the fact that Hamish had gone on holiday to The Black Forest fully prepared for sleeping overnight with his pajamas etc.
    I'd never think like that, in fact the lads only have one pair of Sashapotamus PJs between them so once those were in use it probably would have been the case of going to bed in just their underpants.

    Great fun watching him dress himself the next day (and even remembering to make sure that he was warmly attired on account of the weather) ready for the educational visit.

    My daughter went to stay in The Black Forest on a school student exchange to brush up on her German for her exams and had a wonderful time there in spite of a nasty motor cycle accident that has scarred her leg.
    I still have the attractive pottery sheep money box that she brought me back from there on my mantlepiece.

  4. What a lovely post! I am glad to hear that you all enjoyed your time in the Black Forest, it looks to be a beautiful area. I also loved seeing Hamish getting himself ready to go out, putting on his warm clothes, and the constantly chattering bear!!! Great story, I look forward to finding out where the TT bear has gone!
    Big hugs Sharon xx