16. April 2014

Once upon a time ...

... there was a happy little sheep. Da war ein Schaf, das hüpfte glücklich über grüne Wiesen -  määhh! (Sheep bleeting BAAA not Mäh!)
Und es wusste NOCH  nicht, dass es einen WOLF gab. Eines Tages traf es ein Schweinchen -  quiiieek, quiek!  (Weird! This isn't what piggys oinking! Ah, Cumberland - put a sock in it!)

... niemals im Leben hätten sie gedacht, dass sie ein solches Abenteuer heil überleben würden! Quiek! Ich werde immer an deiner Seite bleiben.  - Und ich werde dich nie im Stich lassen, so wahr ich ein Schaf bin. Mäh!

... and they live happily ever after ...

And if you look closely, you can see Hawkeye -our dog- sighing, because there are no cookies in this story he can snatch away after Ms. Digne stops wasting time with these dolls.


  1. Lovely tale :) Loved them telling Cumberland to put a sock in it!! lol
    Great photo's and I di indeed see your real dog waiting so hopefully for a slice of cake !!

  2. I looove searching for the english words and try to be carefull by choosing one :)
    Don't want to upset any native speaker, but laughing about my choices is always welcome :)

  3. Looks like the kids are having a lot of fun! I too loved your expression for Cumberland to 'put a sock in it'!! Good choice of expression!
    I just spotted your real dog, although I didn't at first...had to go back and look again!
    Have a lovely Easter Digne!
    Big hugs, Sharon xx

  4. What a sweet little story.
    I love your babies outfits and as always they are so attentive.
    It took me ages to find your dog - he looks very patient.
    Happy Easter to all the Commoneo crew.