14. April 2014

The quest (Crazie ♥17)

We don't know that Lions wearing  Bramberbears sometimes?
Ah Visitors! Welcome here - and as Kendal writes: you live and learn!  We're trying to find out how Crazie and his family's doing. I KNOW, Mrs.Digne says no, but ...
... after all, some has to work when the others are drinking chocolate.  - Yes, we have arrived. Please let me down now, my friend!
Mmmh. Is that a good idea?
I do not have to think about that for long...

 ... this place is to far back, if you understand what I mean.

But ...

 ... there's always the chance of a happy ending.
Unfortunately, I had been glad already too early

No, my valiant Lion, this is not your fault.  - Hi Crazie, glad to meet you! In the Sasha-World you're kind of famous.

 ... to be continued


  1. Oh That naughty Cumberland going and looking at Crazies nest! But That is good of Lion to give him a ride.
    Loved the photo's of him on Lion's back and then getting off the wrong end!!!!
    Very funny :)

  2. We, here in the UK have an old saying that 'Whilst the cat's away the mice will play!' (Meaning that while Mrs Digne is not at home Cumberland is up to some mischief ....although I think that it is a good idea to check up on the 'nesting' now and then, just to make sure all is going well with the hatching, as long as there isn't too much disturbance to frighten the hen bird from her incubating.)

    I realised the other day that my Sasha Brood have a 'lion' too but he is always in a sitting mode!

    (PS. Thanks for the furniture information. I am now in the process of ordering one of the little baby chairs/table as a start, then hopefully one of the smaller sized bookcases.... and then maybe the table, a chair.....etc?)

    Looking forward to 'the continuation!'

  3. This is a very cute post, I love seeing Cumberland riding on Lion, what a perfect way to travel!
    But I'm not sure I'd want to find myself in the position that the poor bear finds himself in as he dismounts his 'transport'!!
    I hope that all is well in the Crazie nest and that soon we will see some little babies emerging from their eggs.
    Hugs Sharon xx

  4. Thanks for visiting the Commoneos again :)
    I'm always busy now and there's less time left for my -and your- Sashafamilies. Sadly!

    Happy you contacted Moni, Kendal.
    She's such a nice person and her furniture is carefully made!

    I love my/our Cumberlandy, Dee.
    In my eyes he's very english :)
    I can't explain, it's just a feeling.

    Hugs to you as well Sharon - hopefully we'll see Crazies nest soon, as this should not be a 'neverending story'

  5. 'Ist die Katz aus dem Haus
    tanzen die Mäuse auf dem Tisch'
    We got the same word here, Kendal :)

    I saw your Lion lately and thought he must made at the same time at 'Steiff'