15. April 2014

The quest (Crazie ♥18)

Crazie, we don't want to disturb neither you nor your lady. We're here only to make sure you've all you need?!
It seems you're ok. Having a great time? -  Is it allowed to have a peak ... yes? ... ah ... UNBELIEVABLE
I see a fluffy, podgy, greeny monst...äh ... birdie!
Lovely black eyes! It takes after its mother, I think.
Congratulations Crazie. You're now a father!!
Look, Lion says CONGRATZ too!
So -  it is time to say goobye for now -and spread the news. -  See you soon;  Crazie, Lady Crazie and Baby Crazie!
Buckle up and off we go, Lion! While riding, we have to think about a suitable name for the new arrival.

The little monste ..äh... birdie is custommade for the Commoneos by Mistr.Sandman on etsy


  1. Congratulations crazie and mrs crazie.
    Love all the photos on this post but especially the one with Crazie sitting on Cumberlands head ! :)

  2. He he - fluffy, podgy, greenie, monst...
    Congrats to the Crazie family
    Will this be the end of the story or just a new beginning?

  3. Hu! Ein ganz spezielles Osterküken, mit krummem Schnabel... Wir gratulieren auch gans herzlich, meine Garten-Bande und ich... Toll gemacht:) Das Bild gefällt mir auch, wie Crazie auf Cumberlands Kopf sitzt:))

  4. Yeaaah congratulations and enhorabuena to all the Crazies! A new little fluffy green baby just in time for Easter!!
    And yes, he looks just like his mother!!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  5. Thaaanks so much for beeing with us :)

    Special dollyhugs to Sharon and thanks for the enhorabuenas ;)

    Danke an die liebe Gartenbande! Gabriele hatte wohl einige Probleme mit dem Küken, wie sie erklärte :)

    Rosie; I really don't know. But there are to much birds here now. We have to search a home for even one of them. After the easterdays.

    Dee, thanks for this funny Cumberlandchen...