12. Mai 2014


Ein verspätetes Blümchen für alle Mütter!

11. Mai 2014

Krisensitzung - emergency meeting

 Ich mach mir große Sorgen. WO ist Mrs. Digne? - Where's Mrs. Digne?! I'm in fear!
Normalerweise wissen wir, was sie macht. Aber jetzt ist sie nur noch eilig und hat überhaupt  GAR  keine Zeit mehr! WAS ist los? - Usually we know what she's working on, but now she got no time for us and is busy the day round.
Und wir bekommen keine Sasha-Nachrichten! Nix aus Spanien oder der Schweiz, nada aus England und schon gar nichts aus Australien! And we receive NO news anymore. Nothing from our friends at Sashavillage, Puppengarten, Kendals Sashabrood, Sharon in Spain, Dollmum, Cloud&Klaus ...
Müssen wir was unternehmen? Und was können wir tun? Do we have to take action? What can we do?
Revolution! Talking about a revolution!
Das ist mein Stichwort. Revolution!  Ich war grad in 1794 in Frankreich. Grande Peur, Bastille, Commune, Waffen und Blut. Kann ich nicht empfehlen!  That's my keyword. Revolution! I'm just back from France at the 1790th. But there are much blood and tears, don't think this is a great idea.  -   TT, du machst mir Angst! I'm running scared.  Ich will Mrs. Digne, I want Mrs Digne here, but no ...no... keine Revo...revol...
Revolution. KLar das kennst du nicht. Sowas gabs in England nicht, glaub ich. Mach dir keine Sorgen! Don't worry, Cumberland
Vermutlich hat  Mrs. Digne einfach nur zu viel zu tun. Sie muss den Acker bestellen und Bienenschärme einfangen.  Auf Enkelkinder aufpassen und die Ferienwohnung schön machen für die Gäste. Wir sind doch nicht mehr soo klein. Das halten wir aus.  Mrs. Digne has just too much work on the land and with beeswarms. Grandchildren and holidayguests. We have to be strong now!
Aber wir könnten mal selber ins Internet und Sashavillage besuchen oder Dollmum oder den Puppengarten. Und Sharon. Und Kendal. Und Cloud&Klaus. Hilf mir mal, Maria, mein blödes Band geht immer ab.  -- Halt still, gleich hab ichs. But we're able to watch the news ourselves now. Meet our friends - Yes I'll help you, Dimitra.

Also - ich geh jetzt in die Küche und hol ein paar Sandwiches. OK, no revolution, no fear, but sandwiches. I'll go and get some!
Hast recht. Wir müssen ja nicht verhungern. Wir können schon ziemlich viel selber machen! Vielleicht können wir Mrs. Digne sogar was helfen?! You're dead right - sandwiches instead of sorrow!
Was rätst du uns denn, TT? Will you hand out advice?
Macht euch nicht ins Hemd, Jungs. Revolutionen sind manchmal hilfreich, aber nur in der großen Politik. Nicht in eurem Heim. Mrs.Digne ist einfach beschäftigt - das könnt ihr doch ab! Zeiten ändern sich immer mal, das ist beunruhigend, aber mit der Zeit man gewöhnt man sich dran.  Don't have a cow. Revolutions can be helpful, but not in your case. Times changing! Keep your peckers up. Put your backs into it. You'll see, it comes to a good end.

2. Mai 2014

Hamish and the Black Forest °4

Here you can see the backside of a Black Forest house. It's cleverly - because the house is build in front of a hill, you can drive your chariot directly in the attic to place the hay and straw up there.
Ha! This is what I really like to see!
Do you think it's allowed to enter...?
Here I am:  Hamish, the redhead-  on my big red tractor!!
After having so much fun with the tractor - Mrs. Digne does something very stu... rashly.   These two girls -dressed in the traditional costume of unmarried women in Gutach/ Black Forest-  passed our way.  And SHE LET US POSE AGAIN. See me on the pic -  I don't know where to look at. Don't know what to say. I was speechless the whole way home!

1. Mai 2014

Hamish and the Black Forest °3

Here we have the Vogtsbauernhof from 1612  itself (how it looks in summer)
Inside there's what they call a 'black kitchen'. TT visiting me for a some minuits, just to tell there are some 'slight variances' between the farmers wife and the former farmers wife (the older generation) in this kitchen - so he had to leave 1612 for a while, hoping they will get along soon for finishing the MEAL- because he was hungry. (This kitchen contains TWO woodstoves as you can see. One for each woman; very unusual. So I think he understates the variances between the two just a little bit...)
This kitchen is much younger and belongs to  a poor peoples house. An old lady told some stories about her childhood here, together with her 10 sisters and brothers. They are happy! They loved all their mom cooked for them. (Fussy eaters never tried to be really hungry, I think.)
Please! Stop now putting me at various places, Mrs. Digne. We usually doesn't like those posed photos!
What a fortunate coincidence again. An nice alternative form of transport!

See you soons for the last pics ...