2. Mai 2014

Hamish and the Black Forest °4

Here you can see the backside of a Black Forest house. It's cleverly - because the house is build in front of a hill, you can drive your chariot directly in the attic to place the hay and straw up there.
Ha! This is what I really like to see!
Do you think it's allowed to enter...?
Here I am:  Hamish, the redhead-  on my big red tractor!!
After having so much fun with the tractor - Mrs. Digne does something very stu... rashly.   These two girls -dressed in the traditional costume of unmarried women in Gutach/ Black Forest-  passed our way.  And SHE LET US POSE AGAIN. See me on the pic -  I don't know where to look at. Don't know what to say. I was speechless the whole way home!


  1. That's a good place to store the hay, keeps the house warm in winter! Hamish looked very good on the tractor, he may want one of his own !
    Loved how speechless he was being held by the young ladies! :) so sweet in his embarrassment best not tell Justin he will laugh and tease him !! :)
    Dee x

  2. Oh, poor Hamish! How could you cause him so much embarrassment by making him be held by those two ladies?

    Most interesting to see the hillside bridge allowing the tractors with the hay bales to be driven straight into the loft so saving all that man handling plus, as Denise mentions, helping with the insulation of the house.

    I think that all little boys are always fascinated by tractors.

  3. Oh ja - so schöne Farben, der Rotschopf auf dem grossen, roten Traktor! Ich habe hier zu Hause auch einen Traktor-Fan... Das ist geradezu genial, wie ich hier Englisch lernen kann. The hay bales , das heisst

  4. More great photos of your trip to the Black Forest, but poor Hamish...he must have been soooo embarrassed to be held by those two young ladies! Great that he got to sit on a tractor though! It looks like you both had a very good time on your trip!
    Hugs Sharon x