1. Mai 2014

Hamish and the Black Forest °3

Here we have the Vogtsbauernhof from 1612  itself (how it looks in summer)
Inside there's what they call a 'black kitchen'. TT visiting me for a some minuits, just to tell there are some 'slight variances' between the farmers wife and the former farmers wife (the older generation) in this kitchen - so he had to leave 1612 for a while, hoping they will get along soon for finishing the MEAL- because he was hungry. (This kitchen contains TWO woodstoves as you can see. One for each woman; very unusual. So I think he understates the variances between the two just a little bit...)
This kitchen is much younger and belongs to  a poor peoples house. An old lady told some stories about her childhood here, together with her 10 sisters and brothers. They are happy! They loved all their mom cooked for them. (Fussy eaters never tried to be really hungry, I think.)
Please! Stop now putting me at various places, Mrs. Digne. We usually doesn't like those posed photos!
What a fortunate coincidence again. An nice alternative form of transport!

See you soons for the last pics ...


  1. Lovely photos as usual Anne and a great photo of you and Hamish there too! I love the first photo, that is such a pretty house. I agree, it looks like summer is there already. And thank you for the bit of history too....very informative!
    Big hugs Sharon xx


  2. What an interesting building, and what a black kitchen!! Thank goodness I don't have to clean it!!
    That was good of TT bear to pop back and fill you in on the history.
    Hamish is enjoining himself posing but I bet he'll also enjoying riding round in that bag also ! :)
    Hugs Dee x

  3. Das ist sehr spannend, Anne. Danke für die Reise mit der Zeitmaschine:) Da ganz oben ist ja ein "glattes" Bild - auch schön:)

  4. How welcoming and homely the house looks with all the window boxes full of flowers.
    I'm so glad that I don't have to try to cook in such a kitchen! My offerings in my modern kitchen here aren't up to much so daren't begin to imagine what they might be like using those primative facilities.

    I do love exploring the past!