31. Dezember 2014


... die sind alle draußen. Knallen. -Nur ein bißchen!

*°* Pyjama Party *°*

Hi Brothers! - Join us, Blondie. We're waiting for 2015. Sitting on the floor is safer.

Introduction - Sylvester Anno 2015

Hi there! Здравствуйте! I'm new at the CommoneoCrew. The others are planning their PyjamaParty and told me to introduce myself here. Perhaps say something reasonable to you. This is my venture :)
My name is 'Sylvester Anno Zweitausendundfünfzehn', but you can call me Sylvester.
The old year is ending soon ...
and hopefully some of our problems as well.
Hence we can calm down, able to save something for ourselves.
But -  to be realistic - we'll stay as good as gold, not protesting in any way and keep paying for the finance and their tools; our politicians. 
However, hope dies last!  Have a nice evening! Добрый вечер!

A great 2015 to all of us!

Changes -and a friendly HALLO to 'Panopticum' in Russia

1) I managed to change the commentfunction. Hope it works better now and additionell it's now possible commenting each other.

2) I was surprised, how many visitors from Romania (and eastern Europe in general)
are in the statistics now, so I searched and found one reason:

A russian blog 'Panopticum'  has posted my grandchilds photo, with a link to the Commoneos.
(Called it stolen goods ;) That's all I could translate so far from their text- LEO is my friend )

Sadly I'm from the former western part of germany and we got lessons in Latein, French and English, no cyrillic languages at all. It was the time of the cold war, you remember?

My husband, from the eastern part, had russian and is able to read cyrillic letter, but forget all of his vocabulary and  reading without understanding doesn't help here :)

So I hope, the nice people at Panopticum/diary.ru  will help us out?

30. Dezember 2014


Not really much, but enough!
MARIKA! Come and see!
No sun. - But snow. The whole world is white!
Erik, this isn't the whole world. -  But it's OUR world.
Mensch, guckt bloß, wir könnten rausgehen! Klasse
 - Don't show this to our english friends, they don't like snow!

 Hej, weg da vom Fenster. Ihr habt ja nicht mal Socken an.  Es reicht, wenn hier einer krank ist! Kids, shut the window, you're freezing. I don't want you to get a cold, like me.

Gleiheich! -Imeeeediately.  - Oh, by the way, I was just in Bethlehem. - Why, TimeTravel?
Want to kwow, if it was r e a l l y cold there in winter at christmas.
I traveled back to the year 1880. It was not that cold, but they told me, they have a mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and cold winters. January is the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from 1 to 13 degree Celsius (33–55 °F) So I think, Maria bear Baby Jesus under her coat to keep him warm. Not laying him away at that stray in the crib. ...  I have to go again back to that time, to be sure ... bye. - Good luck and see you, TT.

29. Dezember 2014

Der Mädchen neue Kleider!

Pass mal auf. - Wir zeigen dir jetzt was!
Wir haben die Unterhose untendrunter an! - Extra; damit wir besser ...
... CanCan üben können ...

 Die wunderschönen Tanz-Kleider (mit Unterhosen:) sind von DelectableDelights.

28. Dezember 2014

How to play in the Sashaflat...

Only for a short time :)


As Kendal and Saphira asking, I'm showing more sashaflat here.  Not to much of the drumset, my sons using, but Colin Coterill, I'm usually enjoying before sleep.
The other rooms. There is a gap between dolliethings and Occupy, but this is me :) (Reminder: I have to bin a lot of things!)
Much better. I only have to focus and the mess disappears.

And because I'm not really well and most of my time in bed, I got much time for doing crazy things like photographing  my grandchildren while playing.

NO WAR, never again! Drewermanns speech - now russian and english subbed.

* English * 

- Russian -

For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany a large demonstration took place
on Dec. 13th, 2014 in front of the official residence of the German Federal President.
More than 4000 people assembled peacefully to protest against the German Federal President Gaucks war course.
The key speaker at the rally was the „conscience of the republic“:
 the renowned church critic, psychoanalyst and theologian Eugen Drewermann.

26. Dezember 2014

Der Zauberblock

Hier bei uns liegt KEIN Schnee. Wir können nicht Schlittenfahren, aber irgendwas wollen wir MACHEN! Also: ich hab einen 'Zauberblock' bekommen! Damit kann man prima Bilder malen. Das geht so:
Habt ihr alle einen Bleistift? - Aber das ist ja weiß, das Papier. Ich dachte...
Warte mal ab. Du musst einfach mit dem Bleistift drüberkritzeln, guck!
So. Da ist ein Teddy...
Ich hab einen Engel. Mit ner Tröte. - Das ist eine TROMPETE!
Na gut.
Will jemand noch ein Blatt? - Iich!

25. Dezember 2014

Fröhliche Weihnachten Euch allen!

♥ Merry Christmas to all of you ♥

24. Dezember 2014

The night before christmas

Quick! Auntie Swinthe is reading for us!
Like may sit on her lap. - Shush ... -

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse ...

 ... And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof. The prancing and pawing of each little hoof. ...

 ... He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, And filled all the stockings...

Finished? - Now we've to wait...
I think, we shouldn't do this....
Awww! But this ist soo beautiful!

23. Dezember 2014

8* What means Advent to you?

Longing for the LIghT

Christmas preparations

What are YOU doing there, Erik?
Mrs. Digne says, I should put up the nativityscene. - But  these are NO christmas figurines!
Sure! See: Josef on the left and Maria right, Baby Jesus are on her back; sleeping blissfully. - But... -  There are from abroad. They are haunted (by poachers). They are obviously a family of primates, like humans are as well. It's all comme if fault!
It's kind of weird, but it seems you're right.
 A warm welcome to you! Here you're out of harm's way.