19. Dezember 2014

1- 'Lichtbloem'

Look,  Mrs. Dignes new find!
And WE are allowed to put it together.
It's a kind of a lamp -or a sculpture?
I see - here we have a ball and pins. - And  a clothespeg and a pedestal. - Dont' forget the batterie!
 I have to pierce it with this spiky thing,  than we could plug the pins in there. I saw it on the pic.
So many pins!
Oh look! It lights up! - I just clipped the batterie between the wire. - Probably the peg is given to hold this in place.

More about 'Lichtbloem' and stay tuned :)


  1. Your Sasha children are a very clever bunch Anne!! I am looking forward to see how it turns out!

  2. My goodness - that's an exciting looking thing. Is it a Christmas star?
    Hope they don't poke their fingers with all those pins!

  3. MY fingers are poked now *gg
    And I noticed, that's not so easy with all these special english words.
    Hope at least you can laugh about my 'german english' :)

    (And please, if my mistakes are too bad, please give me the chance to learn -and tell me:)

  4. Very interesting ! another find by Mum !
    Looking forward to seeing what it looks like.
    Your English is very good :) Much better than our German !!! :)Dee xx

  5. This looks very interesting, I went to look at the video and it's simple but very effective...I like it! And it'll be great once the kids have finished it for you.
    And yes, your English is great, much better than my German, which I admit is practically non existent!! :)
    Bighugs Sharon xx

  6. you have such talented, crafty Sasha children. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of their latest project.

  7. No need to worry - your English is better than mine, I use too many colloquial words!