15. Dezember 2014

1* Was bedeutet Advent für dich?

Mich über die Poinsettias freuen!
Fein. -Dreh dich doch bitte mal um!
Ich glaubs nicht. Was hast du denn da auf deinem Kopf?
Na, das ist die Unterhose. Ist doch schade, dass man die sonst nie sehen kann. Chic;  oder?!

(Gewidmet Virginia from APassionForSasha)


  1. Love the plants ! But not sure wearing Ginny from a passion for sasha underpants on your head will catch on! at least I hope not!! :)xx

  2. Riesensmileys gibts hier leider nicht :0)
    Du bist echt klasse!

  3. Whatever next I ask myself..... though had a quiet little chuckle!

    Beautiful brunette girl.

    Loving the red Poinsettias. The perfect size for Sasha.

  4. Love the flowers and photos....but had to laugh out loud at her wearing her knickers on her head! Though having said that, I've been known to do some strange things like that in the past LOL....and maybe she thinks it's just a step up from all the Sashas and Gregors who are known to frequent blogs wearing socks on their heads!!! ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  5. IHR seid klasse - Hugs to you all xxx

    Kendal, you're the one with the special eye, thanks :)

    The Poinsettias are waiting and loosing more and more leafs, so I know I had to hurry with this post ;)

  6. He he - pants on head!
    Is that a mouse on the little bed? Good job she's not frightened.

  7. Rosalind, this is the rat, who lives in this room. She's always around.

    (But it's a good idea. Someone could be frightened...)