20. Dezember 2014

2- 'Lichtbloem'

See, it's a sculpture. -Wait!
We first have to plug the pins in here!
OK, my turn. I hope ...  uh...  it works, but this is not as easy as it looks...
I'm curious how it comes out
Now the LED. Must fit in the hole...   -Push it. -Carefully, it's so spiky.
AH! - Great! - Please, please, someone has to pull the curtain close! *giggle
We managed it.  -It  really looks like a flower. - A lightflower. -That's its name: 'Lichtbloem' in dutch!



  1. What a clever idea and just the perfect size for the Sashas and Gregors.
    We may need to get one for the Village for next Christmas!!

  2. It's a really nice little thing.

    Perhaps try it in red or green; the white is something cold (harsh?)

  3. That is so very cool Digne! Love it, and so great that the kids could put it together themselves.
    Bighugs Sharon xx

  4. Wow! That looks fantastic! Well done Kids!

  5. Fabulous little project and perfect for this time of year when the nights are long and days are short and the weather is mostly dull (though today we've had glorious sunshine).