16. Dezember 2014

2* What means Advent to you?

Singing with a friend!
"Lasst uns frohoh uhund munter sein, und uns rehecht vohon Herzen freuun. Lustig. Lustig. Tralalala...." 

Girls, we have to talk about what to wear beneath       ...and what on top!


  1. Leave them alone!! They look just fine!! I love the skirt and tights....

  2. Those tights make great winter hats ! :)Love their little string of lights :)

  3. I think they look great, their outfits are fun and trendy!!! I never thought to use tights like that....a great idea!
    Keep singing girls, we can hear you from here!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  4. Your dolls are wonderful. I love the Sasha dolls, so unique and lovely. Blessings