21. Dezember 2014

5* What means Advent to you?

Being thankful: after having chocolate and cookies with the family, playing alone,  while...
 ... feeling incredibly pretty.

Thanks to Michelle from 'DelectableDelights', who made this wonderful dress. (I'm the only one allowed to show it, because I'm the only girl here, who are NOT wearing the bloomers on her head!)

Hilde doesn't want to have bloomers on her head, but love to constantly loose her socks.


  1. What a beautiful girl and love the colour of that Batik dress on her, looks vibrant. Such a sweet doll who loses her socks so easily.
    Love also all the little Christmas touches creeping in, the two gold reindeer and the bottle on the mantelpiece! I will need to come and follow you round the shops next year so I to can find these delightly perfectly sized Sasha goodies!
    Glad to see she's not wearing her pants on her pretty head :)xxx

  2. She looks absolutely gorgeous in that dress, the colour is perfect for her. I love how her socks are falling down, perfect, just like a real child :)
    Such a pretty girl, I do love the Gotz girlies :)
    Bighugs Sharon xxx

  3. What a perfect sized dolly for her. I love the tumbling socks, they match her new dress perfectly.

  4. That prettily coloured Batik dress suits her perfectly!

    I just adore your absolutely delightful little Sasha room scenes How I'd love to move in there too.

    Can I ask how long it has taken you to build it all up to this stage although I guess that you are constantly adding to it.

    Where is it actually situated in your house?

  5. Thanks so much for your kind comments!

    I love the word prettily:)

    Of course you're welcome to ask everything, Kendal.
    It needs no time, really. I only have to find someone who's building furniture in the right size. Found the 'Monifaktur' at Etsy. -- I always search for some decoration - as all Sashacollectors do :) - and often use some things I meet in the house while tidying.

    All this is located in our sleepingroom. 2 dollchambers are part of the board, the big one is on the floor with a Triptychon (of 3 simple multiplex plates) around. Nothing special, really!