[lat.: commoneo- to put in mind, sich an etwas erinnern, zu Gemüte führen.]

28. Dezember 2014


As Kendal and Saphira asking, I'm showing more sashaflat here.  Not to much of the drumset, my sons using, but Colin Coterill, I'm usually enjoying before sleep.
The other rooms. There is a gap between dolliethings and Occupy, but this is me :) (Reminder: I have to bin a lot of things!)
Much better. I only have to focus and the mess disappears.

And because I'm not really well and most of my time in bed, I got much time for doing crazy things like photographing  my grandchildren while playing.


  1. They must have read my mind! I was also going to ask where all your room sets were!
    Love that you can leave them up as rooms, it's makes it much easier to do the stories that way.
    Thank yo for showing us :)x

  2. Ohhhh wie g**l ein richtiges Filmset. Perfekt! Und all die lieben Kleinigkeiten! Schmacht! Dieses Jahr waren wir in Hamburg im Eisenbahnminiland und diese Tische {frau wird ja auch nicht jünger}mit Einstieglslucken in der Mitte auf Stehhöhe haben mich sehrrrr viel grübeln lassen und das hier gibt nun noch ne Portion dazu ;-)

  3. This is wonderful - how sweet are your grandchildren and what a perfect Sasha world they have to play in :)

  4. I loved this post with the Sasha children and the REAL children!


  5. Love the extra photo's of your grandchildren playing with your Sasha's.
    Hope you feel better soon :) x

  6. Uihh da sind ja noch neue Bilder dazugekomnen!!! So süss wenn Sashas auch bespielt werden nicht nur in der Vitrine parken!

  7. Danke fürs Vorbeischauen und die Aufmunterung.

    Ich bin auch nicht so für Exhibitionistische, aber der Kontrast-Kinder/Sasha war einfach zu nett.
    Die Abwehr ist eh grad machtlos:)

    Thanks for Visiting and your kind words.
    I hope for getting better, cause I hate to feel week.

  8. Great photos Anne, I loved seeing your little scenes, but even nicer was to see your grandchildren playing with your dolls too :) how great is that, carrying on the tradition!
    Hope you will soon feel better, I think I might be heading to my bed soon too, there are so many bugs around and I seem to have caught one brought over from the UK !!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  9. Wonderful rooms and scenes. You are inspiring! xx

  10. Thanks Sarah!
    Nice you visit us here!

  11. Your grandchildren are adorable. How perfect for them (and you). that your Sashas are set up in their rooms ready for play. I do hope you are feeling better.